Medborgarskolan participates in the European cooperation project – NEXT STEP

By on January 4, 2019

NEXT STEP is a collaboration between five European countries – Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Turkey and Greece. The purpose is to produce a computer game that will stimulate and raise language skills and is aimed primarily at the target group of newly arrived immigrants, but the game will be free and accessible to everyone.

The focus will be a vocabulary that promotes the possibilities of applying for higher studies in the new country. The game should be a complement to traditional language courses and also be used in teaching.

For those groups that are not yet fully integrated into society, it can be difficult to know which paths exist to a new profession. The game should therefore also help with the understanding of the domestic system.

– Through our long experience of language training, not least for newly arrived and asylum seekers, we see the need for assistive devices that in a pleasing way contribute to language learning, says Helen Riise, Head of the National Education Unit at Medborgarskolan in Stockholm.

The game should be ready and available to users in Swedish, Norwegian, Flemish, Turkish and Greek at the end of 2020.

Helena Olofsson, Movie & Game