Mattias Andersson creates dance

By on October 8, 2016
The director and playwright Mattias Andersson works for the first time exclusively with dancers and create a new work together with the Cullberg Ballet. The Mental States of Sweden in Dance is a continuation of Andersson’s acclaimed documentary The Mental States of Gothenburg and The Mental States of Sweden and is a collaboration between the Cullberg Ballet and the Royal Dramatic Theatre. Premiere September 8, 2017 at Elverket.
As in previous sets is a comprehensive documentary interview project together with sociologists and researchers starting point. People from different social backgrounds, from north to south in Sweden, the question: “Is there a special event in your life that you would like to see danced by Sweden’s premier dance company?”. The idea is worked out on the basis of the answers. The Mental States of Sweden in Dance will on the dance conditions try to capture a kind of mental state of Sweden today. About 50 people will be interviewed, and the authentic voices must be included in the show as a sound installation.

– It is very inspiring to work with dancers for a dance context. Many of my biggest performing arts experiences have been just dance performances. I also hope that through this cooperation to further develop my thoughts on the body, room, reality, fiction and how a person’s life story can be transformed into dramatic performance, says Mattias Andersson.

Mattias Andersson began his theatrical documentary investigation with the show The Mental States of Gothenburg on Angered Theatre, 2006. The project got a continuation at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in 2013 with The Mental States of Sweden.

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