Matt Corby is finally coming to Sweden again

By on September 17, 2018
Matt Johnson

AS we have been waiting! And finally, Matt Corby is back! In August, magic “No Ordinary Life” was released – his first song release in two years. And soon comes the new album “Rainbow Valley” – maybe one of the most anticipated release of the last few years? To celebrate, Corby goes on tour. It’s usually sold out when he comes to Sweden and Saturday, February 2, Berns is not likely to be an exception!

“Rainbow Valley” is the album we all longed for since the success of the “Telluric” debut album from 2016. The first single “No Ordinary Life” was released in August and is an incredible song – as well as the brand new single “All Fired Up”.

We also don’t expect anything else from the velvety voice from Australia. The man who melts the hearts like ice cream on a hot summer day. That has become a soundtrack to our feelings, with songs like “Resolution”, “Brother” and “Monday”.

November 2 releases the album “Rainbow Valley” – which has been Matt Corby’s own “baby”, when he did the most himself. He describes it as follows:
“I play and sing every part on the album, again. Working like that meant we could really develop ideas quickly – when I want it to feel a certain way, I know five things I can do on six instruments that could potentially create that, and so we just go through them all.” 

Saturday February 2, Matt Corby arrives at the enrich Berns in Stockholm. And anyone who saw him live knows what “life-changing” experience it can be. We are looking forward to an evening with Matt Corby – it was way too long now!

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm