Mats releases yet another fun and dramatic adventure!

By on May 28, 2017

Bengtsson och Dahl går på djupet

Bengtsson och Dahl går på djupet are an entertaining, humorous and exciting tall tale where we will follow Lennart Evert Bengtsson and his friend Bo Dahl who are involved in another dramatic project.

They start a consulting company together and get involved in something every marine defense with respect should have. Here it is important to take care of  all the good resources, although some may not have the experience it takes …

Mats Edblad debuted in 2016 with Det är jag som är Lennart, a humorous feelgood novel about a man who performs one of his strange dreams. Bengtsson och Dahl går på djupet is his second novel. In his spare time, he writes on his third in the series.

What others thought about the first book “Det är jag som är Lennart”:

“Is a very good and fun feelgood novel” Bokpool

“The book is entertaining and sometimes fun and to be a debut I still think it has a good drive.” Mias Bokhörna.

“Hahaha! It was an entertaining conversation. I’m craving to read the book.” En smakebit

“Entertaining & easy going!” Jennie’s boklista

“I recommend the book to people who like to read some more humorous feelgood novels.” Neras bokrecension

“Bengtsson och Dahl går på djupet” comes out in June!