Matilda Dominique “Strukturbiblioteket” 26/8–13/9 2017

By on June 22, 2017

Textile designer Matilda Dominique presents her first exhibition at Konsthantverkarna, at Slussen in Stockholm 26 August – 13 September 2017.

Vernissage: August 26 at 12 – 16.

Artist conversation between Matilda Dominique and Mari-Louise Franzén, Operations leader Konsthantverkscentrum 31 August at 18.15. Limited number of places, notification to:

Exploratory, methodical and permissive. In her work, Matilda Dominique challenges ideas and conventions about weaving and the two dimensions of the fabric. The idea is to investigate and highlight the fabric’s architectural values and its three-dimensionality. In this exhibition, her work has focused on questions about scale change, material selection and spatiality. The result is a Strukturbiblioteket – a collection of hand-woven sculptural textiles.

– In the loom, I zoom in structures and examine how the specific qualities of the different threads affect the woven shape. In each fabric, the technique is visualized in a new way. In spatial context, I test how the fabric is perceived as a three-dimensional object.

In her work, Matilda Dominique mainly studies the technique of waffle weave. She explores how different yarn qualities, dyeing processes, scales and finishes contribute to the expression of the waffle weave and our experience of it constantly. The weave bond is the constant that enables and maintains the specific structure. Depending on the characteristics of the yarn and how the threads are coloredin changes the shape of the fabric. When expanding and positioning the fabrics in a spatial environment, their architectural qualities are clarified. In the exhibition, the visitor meets the Strukturbiblioitekets textiles and their varied form landscapes that invite a sensible experience.

The project has been made possible with the support of the Artistic Board’s project grants and the Estrid Ericson Foundation.

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