Mathias Dahlgren creates next-generation vegetarian meal at Rutabaga

By on January 24, 2017

On 13 February opens Rutabaga, a brand new restaurant, directed by Mathias Dahlgren. At  Rutabaga Dahlgren will build his own vision of the future kitchen with vegetarian dishes in the world. A relaxed and lively atmosphere with pulse and high tempo will give a warm and welcoming restaurant experience.

After ten years, Mathias Dahlgren closed the dining room at the Grand Hotel to the same premises make room for his new restaurant concept Rutabaga. Here, the idea of an innovative green kitchen that welcomes tastes from the hole world.

– I am driven to create new experiences and have longed to look into the future together with old and new guests. All the conditions for creating the next generation of vegetarian cuisine in the absolute world is here and now, the raw material, knowledge and interest. With Rutabaga we want to take the lead in a completely green kitchen that everyone can yearn for, whatever the occasion, says Mathias Dahlgren.

The menu is characterized by qualitative raw materials along with an openness to both the whole world cuisines with both new flavors and innovations. Most of the menu consists of dishes that can be shared, combined or eaten separately. In the meeting and cooperation between the chef and the bartender is a new type of drinks produced.

Now being built on the premises to create a warm and vibrant environment that encourages both table reservations and spontaneous visits. The restaurant is white with matt black accents and secluded seating combined with a long table for mixed company. The warm atmosphere will invite to unexpected experiences in a permissive environment with room for both high laughter and intimate conversations.

– Throughout Rutabagas concept is a thread of contemporary luxury, which I think is characterized by the quality, availability and flexibility. At a time when many meals is eaten at home in solitude Rutabaga should be a vibrant place that invites to meetings, whether it is about a night out with a big company or yourself to enjoy a glass of wine and a bite to eat on the way home from work, says Mathias Dahlgren.

Rutabaga is an international term for turnip. Turnip is one of the few Swedish ingredients that have established themselves around the world, hence the English name of the raw material is Swede. In North America, France and Italy it is still called Rutabaga that is an interpretation of the origin of the name Rota Bagge.

Rutabaga opens Feb. 13 at the Södra Blasieholmshamnen 6. Table reservations are available from January 24 at

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