Mathias Dahlgren appointed to This year’s Food creator

By on April 5, 2017

In this year’s edition of Good Life Top 20 was Mathias Dahlgren appointed to This year’s Food creator 2017 after the opening of the lacto-ovo-vegetarian restaurant Rutabaga. The jury’s motivation:

“To shut down a two-star restaurant to immerse in a new completely vegetarian restaurant is unparalleled in Swedish gastronomy. Mathias Dahlgren has done it again, and his imaginative catering and cuisine in the countryside Sweden is a journey we love. We bend ourselves deeply for Mathias own style and creativity.”

At the same time qualified Rutabaga, which opened in mid-February, in at # 14 on Sweden’s Best Restaurants in the annual outcoming restaurant guide. Life’s Good Top 20 is a restaurant guide that focuses on the guest’s total overall impression of a restaurant – everything from the welcome and the experience of the restaurant environment, staff knowledge and service delivery, drinks, and how well they interact with the food, the staff’s willingness to help the guest to a restaurant experience and of course, also the food of many more aspects than the usual restaurant reviewer focuses on.

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