Mathematical playground opens at the Technical Museum

By on September 4, 2017

Speedy fractals, rational number, music mathematics, mazes and algorithms – on Saturday, September 9th opens Mathematics garden, a new playground outside the Technical Museum where mathematics becomes a fast-paced game.

With the goal of making one of the most difficult schoolsubjects to a captivating play for both young and old, the Technical Museum has created a maths playground – free and open to all. There are slides, labyrinths, musical instruments, art and plants where mathematics becomes both beautiful and playful.

During Saturday’s opening ceremony visitors are invited to mathematical snacks – symmetry lines, fractals and golden cuts are found in all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Astronaut Christer Fuglesang is in place and during the day it is invited to music, shows and math walks. Everyone is welcome and it is absolutely free to visit the Mathematics Garden both during the opening day and onwards.

The idea of the Mathematics Garden is to invite a fun experience where visitors themselves discover that mathematics is everywhere – in nature, art, music and technology in terms of patterns, symmetry, golden proportions, number series and fractals. In the park there are among other a slide in the form of a nautilus shell, a triangular climbing net, rational number bars, a fence inspired by the von Kockska fractal, a jumping garden with a very special number series and a turtle with a magic square disused in the shell. There are also xylophones and a dance mat that illustrate the mathematical relationships between tones. In the plantation boxes, sunflowers and daisies grow, where the proportions and fractals of the golden cut-out are reflected in each flower, and the ceilings of the pergola get the shape of a branch that follows the Fibonnacis speech series. Throughout the garden, the spiral shape of the golden section runs, and mathematical conditions are visible everywhere.

The maths garden is free and open 24 hours a day. Here is something for everyone – regardless of age, knowledge and conditions.

Some examples of activities in the Mathematics Garden:

– Try to solve our clever mazes! They may look simple, but are trickier than you think.

– Play on different musical instruments! Here you can also find out how tones and rational numbers are connected.

– Go on the slide! It is inspired by the form of the nautilian shell- an example of math creates beautiful forms in nature.

– Jump on rational number bars and check if you see how different numbers are connected.

– Climb to the top of the giant climbing net! Here are many geometric shapes – the strongest of them is the triangle

– Test how a satelite works – whisper and see if your friend can hear you at the satelite opposite

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