Martin Sternhufvud

By on April 2, 2017

He co-founded the music wave from Halmstad that swept Marie Fredriksson, Gyllene Tider, Per Gessle and Roxette over land and kingdom.

But he went his own way. Now is soon his third album out on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

“Limiting social forms is rather uninteresting. What applies is now, and if there is something to communicate” – Martin Sternhufvud.

Another sensitive and in some ways uncompromising album has emerged from one of the West Coast’s most talented musical artists.

He stood side by side with Marie Fredriksson in the 80s and figure both in Per Gessle as Marie Fredrikssons autobiographies.

Now comes his third and perhaps the strongest albums that he produced along with his young comrade Mats MP Persson (Gyllene Tider, Roxette etc.).

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