Martha Wainwright with band to Sweden!

By on June 25, 2017

With an irresistible voice and an entire arsenal of powerful songs, Canadian singer/songwriter Martha Wainwright is one of her genres most interesting artists. This summer she returns to Sweden together with her newly released album “Goodnight city” in her back – June 30 she plays with bands at Nalen in Stockholm.

The big breakthrough came in 2005 in connection with her acclaimed debut album. There was especially the single “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole” who took the world by storm – The Sunday Times even chose it for one of the best songs of the year. Three years later came another album: “I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too”, which showed that Wainwright was more than a one-hit wonder – she was a fantastic songwriter, totally unique of its kind. The third album, “Come Home To Mama”, became a success too, and Mojo Magazine called it “really significant” and thought it was the career’s up to now best one.

In 2016, however, a fourth album, “Goodnight City” came, and once again, Martha Wainwirght was praised by both fans and press. With this album, she has gone back to a more rough sound, similar to what she had when her career began. Many of the songs she has written together with friends, artists and her brother Rufus. Martha Wainwright has released four full-length albums, most EP’s, a live album with Edith Piaf songs, made soundtrack to TV shows and self acted actor. Add that Wainwright soon debuts as author – this summer we see this amazing artist on Swedish soil.

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