Märta Mattsson 27/10 – 18/11 2018

By on August 28, 2018

Märta Mattsson
“Hybrid Haven”, jewelry
Vernissage Saturday 27 October at 12-16.

“Sometimes I see the beauty of things that other people think is strange or even disgusting. I’m fascinated by the feeling you get when you do not want to watch something – but still.” My jewelry is about the thrill between the attraction and the bad luck.”

In the 1700s many new species of animals and plants were discovered and collecting items similar to those in the natural cabinet became popular. Many people gathered rarities because it gave them the feeling of caring for something special and extraordinary. The idea of the natural cabinet was not in any way sympathetic with the exposed creatures, but instead they would be surprised by their peculiarity. Nowadays, when few new and exotic species are discovered, I use dead animals in my art to awaken curiosity and surprise. The dead materials are transformed and get new life in the form of jewelry.

Märta Mattsson has been educated at HDK in Gothenburg, BA 2008 and Royal College of Art in London, MA 2010. She is represented in many collections, in Sweden, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Holland, France, and have exhibited in several places in Sweden and internationally since 2006.

Address: Södermalmstorg 4, 116 45 Stockholm

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