Marilyn Manson returns to the Grönan

By on November 30, 2017

He is as controversial as loved for both his music and his stage language and, last time he played at Gröna Lund, there was so much audience that they had to close the entrance gates. Since then, we have been struggling to get him back to the tivoli. And this summer it’s finally time. On June 6th, on Sweden’s national day, Marilyn Manson returns to Gröna Lund’s Big Stage.

Marilyn Manson does not need any further presentation. He belongs to one of the world’s biggest and most controversial artists. In October, his tenth album “Heaven Upside Down” was released and it quickly became full in front of the Big Stage when he last played at Gröna Lund in June 2015. This summer, we’ll finally see Marilyn Manson, when he on Sweden’s national day June 6 at 20.00, returns to the Big Stage for his only Swedish show in the summer of 2018.

– Marilyn Manson is a great artist and the concert on Grönan 2015 was clearly one of the highlights of the year. His stage personality fits perfectly into the Big Stage, between Free Fall and House of Nightmares. I am really looking forward to inviting Gröna Lund’s audience on this again this summer, says Johan Tidstrand, owner of Gröna Lund.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm