Marie-Louise Ekman, Bea Uusma and Uje Brandelius to the Sigtuna Literature Festival

By on January 22, 2018

The program work is ongoing and now it is clear that Marie-Louise Ekman, Bea Uusma and Uje Brandelius participate in the Sigtuna Literature Festival on May 5th. Together with Jan Guillou, Martina Haag, Mikael Niemi, Anders Roslund and Pija Lindenbaum and many more, they are visiting the festival where the entire Sigtuna city stands as an arena. The program as a whole will be released in March.

Just like previous years, the literature festival invites the audience to individual author meetings and conversations between authors. Marie-Louise Ekman and Jan Guillou meet in a conversation that this year is 50 years since 1968.

Bea Uusma, August Award winner for Expeditionen – en kärlekshistoria, talks with Martina Haag about being sisters and most involved in each other’s creative processes. In addition, the audience will meet Uje Brandelius, the front figure in Doctor Kosmos and current with the acclaimed performance Spring, Uje, spring, as in the spring debut with Hemma hos Harald Henriksson, illustrated by Clara Dackenberg.

– We are fully planning for the seminar programs. Conversations begin to fall into place and fun meetings take shape. It’s extra fun to invite another three new and strong personalities to Sigtuna. All three are both mentioned and popularized by a large audience, said Ann-Marie Skarp, CEO of Piratförlaget.

The Sigtuna Literature Festival invites for the sixth time to a reading party for all ages. After a year’s break, the festival is now in collaboration with the Pirate publishing house and is focused on one day, and this year with a previous date in May. The program items take place throughout Sigtuna city where the cozy environment is a big part of the experience.

Like the previous years is also arranged Lilla Litteraturfestival and Sigtuna Litteraturfestival’s school day, where the municipality’s students in Grades 1-7 are invited to participate in various reading projects in the spring. In conclusion, the students meet the accompanying authors Per Gustavsson and Lena Ollmark, Kajsa Gordan, Ann-Helén Laestadius and Elias and Agnes Våhlund during the school day 4 May.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Sigtuna