Marianne Krumbach 24.2 – 14.3 2018

By on February 25, 2018


Marianne Krumbach’s exhibition Udefra takes off in the nature and the motifs she finds there mood creation, a recurring theme in her work. She is interested in the shift between contexts, how the nature object can be interpreted and become an artistic object, a decorative object. Marianne Krumbach does not fear the decorative; on the contrary, she admires the category of objects whose honest intention is to please and excel.

Marianne Krumbach works mainly in stoneware. She builds and models her works, and they are often glazed in several layers. Through different working methods, she tries to simplify and insert inspiration from without/udefra in her work.

Marianne Krumbach lives and works in Copenhagen and is educated at the Design School in Kolding, Denmark, for ceramics and glass 1996-2001. She has had a large number of exhibitions in Denmark and abroad and has received a number of scholarships, including from the National Arts Foundation, Danish Crafts and Danmarks Nationalbank’s Jubilee Fund.

Hornsgatan 50

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