Maria Lind introduces Migration: Traces in an Art Collection

By on June 20, 2019

Maria Lind, director at Tensta Konsthall 2011–2018, will give a tour of the exhibition Migration: Traces in an art collection, curated by her and Cecilia Widenheim. The art works have been selected from one of the richest public art collections in Sweden, Malmö Konstmuseum. The theme is migration and exile and the exhibition presents around ninety works.

In her painting, The Emigré from 1941 the artist Lotte Laserstein portraits her friend Dr Walter Lindenthal, with a skilled and living realism she captures his personality just as much through the diffuse face as in the detailed hands resting on his knees covered in a blanket.

The second world war caused a violent and extensive migration movement, people who fled from the Nazi regime (and survived) were subjected with hardships and unsafety by the majority of countries that did not offer refugees permission to stay.

This was also the case for the German Lotte Laserstein, who fled to Sweden from the persecution of Jews and performed a fictitious marriage in Sweden to be able to stay.

In the introduction, we will look closer at the writer and artist Peter Weiss who put experiences of war in the centre. Other works artists that have ended up in the collection of Malmö Konstmuseum is Sven “Xet” Erixson’s fascinating painting Refugees at Malmö Konstmuseum from 1945, Sonia Delaunay’s colorful simultaneism and Endre Nemes’ peculiar painting Man with Pendulum Clock from 1944.

Maria Lind introduces Migration: Traces in an Art Collection Tensta Art Gallery Wednesday 26 June 2019.

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