Maria Larkman, la collage, 3 februari – 22 februari

By on January 10, 2018

“I’m fire and air”
Human need for freedom and passion, giving love and receiving love. The love between two people, it is sometimes so strong that we want to connect ourselves to one another for a lifetime. Our search for a partner or passion has become a business idea, Bingo! It’s a Match! At the exhibition Maria Sophia Loren and Elvis Presley find each other in a perfect match … the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s, including old filmists, have always inspired to new Lacollage®.

Maria Larkman’s art is about longing, passion and love. The feminine, the masculine. But love is not only in relation to another person, it can be the love of a place, a city, a country, a sense of being at home. Lisbon is a place where Maria feels strong love for. The city’s worn facades, neon signs, Fado music and the urban environment breathe another century. Pure Poesia! It gives a soullike prosperity to walk through the White City, Lisbon, the whimsical city one has to return to time after time.

The hometown Stockholm breathe other poetry, contemporary, barren, more closed but oh so domesticated. From south to east, west to north – the cobblestones lie there and you recognize them. Mariatorget – the very heart of the city is vibrant with the folklore, the rippling water of the fountain, the bars and street art. From your lips comes breath, air, breathing, freedom, air, breathing, freedom. Yes, I will always burn for you. Everlasting love!

Lacollage® technology is a mixed technique between photo, painting, collage and lacquer. Since 2002, when she made her first Lacollage®, Maria has consistently used the technology. She usually works on canvas but also on glass, sheet metal and she makes Re-makes of figurines and musical instruments. Here are the Re-make of a violin and porcelain figures that Maria bought in one of Europe’s largest flea markets Feira da Ladra in Lisbon. They get a re-make of photographs of Lisbon’s beautiful glazed tile. From being on the street in a flea market, they get a raised value, become an artifact, exhibited at the gallery, into the living room.

Maria Larkman has had several individual exhibitions at various galleries in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Oslo, Helsinki, Stuttgart, Maastricht, Perth, Melbourne and Miami. Her art is represented on several companies such as SEB, Handelsbanken, Advokatsamfundet, Trygg Hansa, Stratiteq, IDentity among others. This is her fifth individual exhibition at Galleri Hantverket, which she has also been a member of. Maria Larkman is one of the artists in the Leva o Bo Gallery/Expressen.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm