By on July 4, 2017

Mando Diao is the Swedish world success that has gone through its most challenging time so far – and wich came out on the other side with one of their best albums: Good Times. With renewed energy and with full focus on the band’s magical life shows, the quintet is now preparing for a long-awaited autumn tour in the Nordic region! In addition to Oslo in Norway and Helsinki in Finland, the band visits Karlstad, Falun, Umeå, Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg!

The tickets for Mando Diao’s tour will be released on July 6 at 9.00. More info via

The statistics, prizes and tribute speak their clear language: Mando Diao is one of the biggest rock bands we have had in Sweden. With eight studio albums (+ compilation disc and live disc among them) and over 1.5 million discs, Mando Diao has been a force to count on, from the 2002 debut.

There have been over 1500 concerts in over 30 countries – several times have been headline acts in front of tens of thousands of people at major festivals. It is also a live show that is often celebrated – and has, among other things, generated Rockbjörnens award as “The Live Group of the Year”.

After a tumultuous time, the band has landed on their feet again – and as they have done it. Recent album Good Times has quickly become a modern Mando classic. Led by singer Björn Dixgård and his characteristic voice, Mando Diao spreads an energy and fun of joy that is hard to find anywhere else in the music world.

Any amazing album despite – Mando Diao should be experienced LIVE! And at the end of October gets six Swedish cities + Oslo and Helsinki the chance to hear both new and old material! See all the dates below and be sure to listen to the Good Times here >>


19/10 – John Dee, Oslo
20/10 – Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad
21/10 – Magasinet, Falun
22/10 – Väven, Umeå
24/10 – Cirkus, Stockholm
25/10 – Tavastia, Helsingfors
27/10 – KB, Malmö
28/10 – Trädgår’n, Göteborg