Malou Prytz joins the pop world with her very first EP “Enter”

By on June 29, 2019

Malou Prytz released her debut EP yesterday June 28. With the EP “Enter” we can finally finally welcome Malou to the pop world and she also wants to welcome her audience to join her musical world.

“It feels really great to finally release my first EP and be able to tell who I am as an artist” -Malou Prytz.

Från en av Melodifestivalens yngsta finalister i historien, till singelsläppet med hiten ”Left & Right” och framgången i Tyskland tillsammans med artisten Millés debutsläpp ”All Good”, går Malou Prytz från klarhet till klarhet.

From one of the Melodifestival’s youngest finalists in history, to the single release with the hit “Left & Right” and the success in Germany along with the artist Millé’s debut release “All Good”, Malou Prytz goes from clarity to clarity.

Now she finally releases her first album with her very own sound where the focus track “Dumb Love” sets the tone for the whole EP that is imbued with 90s-scented tones.

Audio Video | Malou Prytz – Golden Touch (Official Audio) from the EP

Music | Malou Prytz joins the pop world