By on December 13, 2016

Fasching is pleased to collaborate with musician and filmmaker Martin Wirén in his project “Tales Untold” for up-and-coming Swedish jazz musicians. Last week’s musicians were bassist and composer Mai Agan.

The series is in ten parts with a musician in each section. Each week published a new section. Other partners are OrkesterJournalen, Hymn and Lira. Martin Wirén is too a jazz musician and is heard among other in the band Odd Frank.

When asked why Martin wanted to do this series he answers magazine Lira this:

I have for some time felt that it is very difficult for many young jazz musicians to make their voice heard and that there are many platforms to reach out to. That in combination with that I felt the lack of a format that few working with, namely the film. Music with film offers, in any case, me, a lot more experience and I know that it also makes the music more accessible to all.

Mai Agan, known from her own jazz fusion group MaiGroup is a bassist, composer and arranger from Estonia. She moves effortlessly between genres such as pop, funk, jazz and blues, and has been hailed as one of the top names in Scandinavian music. We are also pleased to announce a gig with Mai Agan and Håkan Broström at Fasching on 1 March.


Tales untold: Mai Agan from Martin Wirén on Vimeo.

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