Madame Nielsen is back with a first performance about nationalism in Europe

By on August 20, 2018

The internationally acclaimed Danish author, dramatist, musician and performance artist Madame Nielsen participated for the first time during the Bergman Festival in 2016 when she at a hotel during three evenings opened up her Salon Madame Nielsen for the audience and invited guests. Now she returns with Topographies of Paradise. First performance at Målarsalen on August 25th.

Madame Nielsen has written five plays based on trips in the five countries and interviews with actors and nationalist organizations in each country. Actors and directors at each theater have put up each play as by Madame Nielsen is woven together to one performance. The project throws an X-ray eye on nationalism in today’s Europe. What is a nation? What is a hometown? What is a native language? What it is to be Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish, Catalan, Serb?

Madame Nielsen has grown out from the multimedia artistic life work that began with Claus Beck-Nielsen. In 2003, she wrote the person Claus Beck-Nielsen out of the world with the postuma self-biography Claus Beck-Nielsen (1963-2001) A biography. For several years she performed as a nameless leader of the art business Das Beckwerk. In 2010, an official funeral of Claus Beck-Nielsen was organized, which in 2013 temporarily resurrected as author of the book Mine møder with the Danish writers. Madame Nielsen defies fixed identities and categorizations by constantly questioning what it means to be human. Her first novel The infinite summer became a great success in 2014 and translated into Swedish in 2016. During late autumn 2015, Madame Nielsen decided to conduct a classic European grand tour and wander from ancient Greece through Europe to Denmark by following the refugee flows along the Balkan route – she depicts in the novel Invasion.

The performance is given in English, Swedish, Danish, German, Serbian, Catalan and Spanish and is texted in English.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm