Lydmar Hotel takes the interior to a new level

By on May 22, 2019
Large King room at Lydmar Hotel

In conjunction with Lydmar Hotels 10-year anniversary in October last year an extensive makeover was initiated for all 46 hotel rooms and common areas together with interior design studio Nude Ateljé. The makeover was completed gradually taking one floor at a time whilst keeping the rest of the the hotel open for business. It has been little over 10 years since Lydmar Hotel opened its doors at Blasieholmen for the first time and the result of the work over the past years and the last intense eight months of refurbishments are truly Elegant, Cultured and Bold. Slightly Different to say the least.

All hotel rooms have been completely restyled by architect Eva-Lotta Axelsson, founder of Nude Ateljé. The new fearless concept was born when Nude Ateljé in February 2017 completed the World Citizen makeover in Lydmar Hotels signature suite. The new style shows an eclectic approach in a mix of personally customized designs combined with selected pieces. In a unique setting she explores new creative angles by blending small scale and local craftmanship with international design into an idea born and driven by the values of Lydmar Hotel. Several of the pieces in the hotel are one-off items designed by Eva-Lotta Axelsson and carefully handmade to the highest quality in order to create spaces with a unique, personal and inspiring feeling.

– I am so grateful that Lydmar Hotel gave us such creative freedom. Lydmar dared to believe in us and opened their doors – to all of the rooms in the hotel actually – and gave us the trust to shape 45 unique rooms and 4 living rooms based on the concept “the World citizen”. The idea was formed together with Lydmar Hotel´s General Manager, Maria Maruska, around a narrative of a modern traveller, a woman collecting unique items from all over the world bringing them back to her own home, and we wanted the experience in the hotel to be Elegant, Cultured and Bold.

All work completed by Nude Ateljé is strongly connected and based on the values of the client. The new concept came to life by identifying and analyzing what Lydmar Hotel stands for. In close collaboration, Eva-Lotta Axelsson and Maria Maruska CEO at Lydmar Hotel agreed on the key values Elegant, Cultured and Bold to describe the modern & timeless furniture, the fearless & unique art and the contemporary & fashionable fabrics wrapped up with layering with a warmth feeling of home combined with relaxed, excited, aggressive and pleased colour theory. 

– I am very glad to announce our new fearless rooms and the atmosphere created in collaboration with Nude Ateljé. We wanted to create an exceptional experience for our guests and I feel that the key values Elegant, Cultured and Bold really interpreted our unique DNA throughout the process. For us it was important that our regulars recognize their Lydmar, we wanted to keep the soul and heart of Lydmar hence we have preserved some furniture and selected objects but placed them in a new context and environment, says Maria Maruska.

The new hotel experience will be open for scheduled visits starting from the 22nd of May 2019, address: Lydmar Hotel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 103 24 Stockholm

About Lydmar Hotel
Lydmar Hotel has since the reopening at Blasieholmen in 2008 marked an understated, luxurious and relaxed at home feel that over time has become Lydmars hallmark. Lydmar Hotel is a feeling, an experience that is slightly different from what you’d expect and find elsewhere and is best perceived in person. The hotel offers 46 uniquely designed rooms, a restaurant & bar and a terrace as well as a large patio which is one of Stockholm’s most popular music scenes with mesmerizing views over the harbor and Royal palace. Lydmar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grand Group but operates under it’s own brand Lydmar Hotel AB. Lydmar is proud to be a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World for 9 years and counting.

About Nude Ateljé
After completing Lydmar Hotel´s signature suite in 2017 Nude Ateljé took the successful concept World Citizen to the rest of the hotel. Nude Ateljé is a Stockholm based atelier with a defined design and production process where creativity and client values are at heart. In close collaboration with a group of carpenters, as well as international collaborations with designers, artists and strategists, Nude Ateljé explore and expand the boundaries of architecture and design.

Key values

  • Elegant – Furniture Modern & Timeless
  • Cultured – Art Fearless & Unique
  • Bold – Fabrics Contemporary & Fashion
  • Layering – Warmth Feeling of Home
  • Colour Theory – Relaxed, Excited, Aggressive, Pleased

Product information
Several of the pieces in Lydmar Hotel are one-off items designed by the founder of Nude Ateljé, Eva-Lotta Axelsson. These include sofa tables, side tables and bedside tables, as well as media furniture and wardrobes. Apart from carefully selected natural materials that age with beauty – like wood, stone and metal – there is a distinct sense of playfulness throughout the furniture, an offset, whether it be scale or details. The same attention to details is present in all the fabrics – such as bed runners, curtains or pillowcases – all are special made to the highest quality in order to create a unique, personal and interesting feeling.

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