Lundasnaps takes place in Systembolaget’s solid assortment!

By on June 9, 2017

The Skåne distillery Snälleröds launched the first December 2016 Lundasnaps in connection with the opening of Lund University’s 350th anniversary. Now the product takes place in Systembolaget’s solid range thanks to the high demand.

In 1658, Bishop Peder Winstrup convincing King Charles X Gustav to found the University of Lund. Eight years later, Lund University was inaugurated which now celebrates 350 years. In connection with the jubilee, the Scandinavian organic distilleries Snälleröds and Mat & Destillat’s Fredrik Lundegård, designated the Bartender of the Year 2016, have developed Lundasnaps.

– When Snälleröds contacted me to be involved and to develop my own hometown snaps, I could not say no. Snapsen is a tribute to the city and the man behind Lund University, Peder Winstrup, says Fredrik Lundegård.

Inspiration for the spice, elder berry, hops with a tiny sea buckthorn, has been taken from Peder Winstrup’s own herb garden.

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