LULA from Sweden release the world’s first 3D digital single

By on May 28, 2018

LULA from Sweden release the world’s first 3D digital single and creates chaos at Swedish National Radio!

The Swedish band LULA, fronted by singer Jake Farrugia from Australia, has released the world’s first three dimensional digital single on the Swedish record label COMEDIA. Frustrated by their lack of airplay on Swedish National Radio the band celebrated the new single Now In 3D with an unannounced gig at the entrance hall of Sveriges Radio in Stockholm. The gig was cut short by five security guards who seized the crews smartphones and erased the filmed documentation.

The single Now In 3D features three versions of the band’s hit Bright Eyes in three different languages; English, German and Spanish, but with the same backing tracks. When played simultaneously the songs creates a three dimensional experience for the listener.

“I can absolutely understand the band’s frustration”, says Claes Olson, label manager and A&R at COMEDIA. “There’s a lot of new artists and bands deserving more airplay in Sweden, but at the moment Swedish National Radio is more or less a black hole for independent record labels. When even music, anchirmen and anchorwomen are complaining about what they can or cannot play, something is seriously wrong.”

Radio airplay or not. After being thrown out of the entrance hall of Sveriges Radio LULA finished their gig outside of the building, gathering a crowd of excited listeners. Next month the band tour Sweden with Richie Ramone, of Ramones fame. The band is also schduled for Swedish festivals and club gigs this summer, with a tour of Germany scheduled for the fall.
Now in 3D!

Listen to “Now In 3D” here »

Lula plays at Melody Box in Stockholm Thursday 28 June – (together with Richie Ramone)

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