Lovely mix in Allsång på Skansen 31 July

By on July 27, 2018

In the sixth round of Allsång på Skansen meets Tove Styrke, Tommy Körberg, Samir & Viktor, Blen, Emma Peters & Hanna Dorsin and Netta on Sollidenscenen, singing sing along with the audience and Sanna Nielsen.

Tove Styrke
participated in Idol 2009 where she ended up in third place and has had a successful career since 2010. She released her first albumTove Styrke
2010 and now she is current with the album “Sway”.

Tommy Körberg
has a long career behind him from the start as Swedish pop star to international artist and collaboration with Benny Andersson’s orchestra. He is also an actor and this autumn current with the play “Lola” by Sunil Munshi.

Samir & Viktor
consisted of Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk and the duo was formed in 2014. They had hits with the songs “Success”, “Fick feeling” and “Saxofuckingfon” and participated in the Melodifestivalen with songs like “Bada Nakna” and “Groupie”. 2017 the songs “Kung” and “Vi gör det ändå” became summer hits.

Stockholm singer Blen has been instrumental in songs with Ison & Fille and Petter, for several years. Now she is up to date with the song “Nära dig”.

Emma Peters & Hanna Dorsin
Almost three years ago, the humor group Grotesco had premiere for its first stage performance at the Scala Theater in Stockholm and now two of the members are with at Allsång på Skansen.

The great favorite and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2018, Israeli Netta Barzilai, is also a welcome guest at Sollidenscenen this evening.

Sing Along Evenings
The sing along evenings start at 19.30 and SVT begins to broadcast directly from Sollidenscenen at 20.00. During the majority of the day, rehearsals are taking place and at 17-time the general rehearsals begin.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm