Love your sensitive skin!

By on February 3, 2017

The new nourishing body care series from The Body Shop, Almond Milk & Honey, created with love for sensitive and dry skin. For that sensitivity is something that should be celebrated, loved and protected.

The Body Shop has a strong belief in their responsibility when it comes to getting people to feel good and feel confident in their own skin. When it turned out that one of the three feel that they have sensitive skin, it was a natural step to investigate. Sensitive skin is in the current situation one of the most common skin care problems, and led last year to more than 270 000 traditional Google searches.

Many classic products for sensitive skin are good at acting emollient, but are they fun to use? The Body Shop has developed a sophisticated body care series that combines nourishing ingredients with wonderful consistencies and a gentle, neutral scent that makes products pleasurable to use. Love your sensitive skin and introduce a series that both do good and feel good.

Created without coloring
Dermatologically tested
100% vegetarian
Emollient and nourishing properties
Light and nourishing consistencies

Meet the products

A blend of nourishing ingredients from the Community Trade producers and organic producers. Tailor-made for sensitive skin.

Soothing & Restoring Body Lotion 200 ml, 155 KR

Protect your skin from tightness and irritation with this silky and fast-absorbing lotion. Moisture retention for up to 48 hours. A body lotion that love, nurture and care for dry skin.

Gently Exfoliating Cream Body Scrub 250 mL, 195 KR

Soften and clean sensitive skin with this gentle cream scrub that contains milled shells of almonds. They help to gently remove dead skin cells and leaves a fresh and smooth skin behind.

Soothing & Caring Cleansing Bar 100 g, 35 KR

Provide sensitive skin a feeling of great purity with this mild soap. It works in harmony with the skin’s natural moisture levels to counteract the feeling of tight skin.

Calming & Protecting Hand Cream 30ml, 50 KR

A must for anyone on the go – nourishes and softens dry and sensitive hands.

Soothing & Restoring body butter 200 mL, 185 KR

A heavenly luscious body butter enriched with natural oils and created to nurture a sensitive and dry skin.

Soothing & Caring Bath Milk 400 ml, 195 KR

Preserves the skin’s natural moisture barrier and consists of a delicious blend of natural oils. This creamy bath milk provides a gentle cleanser that softens and reduces the feeling of skin tightness.

Soothing & Caring Shower Cream 250 mL, 70 KR

This gentle and soap free shower cream is created to preserve the skin’s natural moisture barrier and PH levels of ingredients that will not dry out the skin.

Because it is a delicate matter to enrich the planet and the people

This nurturing new series has been enriched with Community Trade almond oil from the region of Alicante in Spain, and Community Trade honey from the UNESCO-protected rainforest Sheka in Ethiopia. Skin Care Series is just as kind to the environment as against the skin.

Almond, Milk & Honey lands in shops March 1, 2017.
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