Love-Letter gets Stockholm Premiere

By on September 22, 2016

The acclaimed set of A.R. Gurney’s Pulitzer-nominated play Love-Letter with actor couple Birgitta Ulfsson and Ivar Wiklander in the roles of Melissa and Thommy gets Stockholm premiere at the Culture City Theatre on 1 October.

A correspondence. Two acts. Follow two people and their conscious and unconscious choices for 52 years. Here presents a fully love life of two hours.

Genuine couple Birgitta Ulfsson (88 years) and Ivar Wiklander (77 years) returns after the success of the Fatherland (where they played mother and son) – this time we see them in their acclaimed set of A.R. Gurney’s Pulitzer-nominated play Love-Letter that guest appearance on Klarascenen 1 October to 3 November.

In the play, we follow the lifelong relationship between Melissa, who comes from a very wealthy family, and Thommy that has a simple middle-class background. They grow up in the postwar years and their life developed in very different ways – they are contending with different conventions, but they never stop sending love letters to each other.

– This is a romantic but multilayered story that involves tricky equality in human relations, about the voluntary and involuntary life choices we make, says Birgitta Ulfsson.

Love-Letter had its world premiere at the Promenade Theatre Off-Broadway, New York, 1989 and has been in many sets worldwide since then. Birgitta Ulfsson and Iwar Wiklanders set has been played at the Little Theatre in Helsinki, at the Uppsala city theater and Folkteatern in Gothenburg. Now comes it for the first time to Stockholm.

Press Voices

… So peculiar and poignant” GT

Birgitta Ulfsson is magical …” GT

“Acting of the highest carat” UNT

“Shimmering theater gem” UNT

“For two hours, they are the only thing you see. The only thing you want to see. “Västra Nyland


By A.R. Gurney

Stockholm Premiere on October 1 at the Klarascenen

Translation: Per Erik Wahlund

Sets and costumes: Sari Salmela

Participants: Birgitta Ulfsson and Ivar Wiklander

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