Lock at me at Dansmuseet Stockholm

By on September 16, 2019
Look at me is a performance based on the dance style locking with the solo Golem by Maëva Abdelhafid and the documentary film Lock it up about locking in Sweden by Mimmi Mollgren.

We are very pleased to invite you to an evening dedicated to Locking at the DANSMUSEET.

Two female dancers will present you their work and their approach of this dance.

Mimmi Mollgren, from Sweden, will feature her documentary « Lock it up » about the history of the Swedish dance scene.

Maëva Abdelhafid, from France, will present her solo performance « Golem » where she explores the genesis of the dance movement.

LOCK IT UP – Mimmi Mollgren – documentary
Mimmi Mollgren is a Swedish locking dancer, which is particulary mindful about the history and the culture of this dance style born in the 70’s in the United states.

In the documentary Lock it up, she chose to show us her own country’s perspective. Based on four dancers’ journeys, who were among the first locking dancers in Sweden, the documentary is a tribute to the work they put in to make the Swedish locking scene grow.

Mimmi went to the four of them to discover more about the past of Swedish Locking: How did they see it for the first time, how did they search for information, how did it reach Sweden?

GOLEM – Maëva Abdelhafid – Solo performance
From clay, the Golem is brought to life by the sculptor`s hands, a creature that can be anything between a miracle and a monster,a protector and a threat.

Its metamorphosis gets out of control and finally this leads to it fading into nothing.The Golem solo performance is a research dealing with the genesis of the danced movement.

How does the dance movement start existing with in the body? What are the boundaries between planned movement and spontaneous movement?

We’ll discover how a move starts existing, disappears, appears again or extends to become another one. The style of locking will slowly take shape and fuse with the character of the dancer.

Lock at me at Dansmuseet Stockholm Friday 20 September 2019.

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