Welcome to the inauguration of the mural

By on September 14, 2016


Day: Thursday, September 15 at 15.00.
Location: Brunskog Hill 40. The nearest metro station is Farsta Strand.

Opening speaker is the Culture and urban planning commissioner Roger Mogert (S) together with CitéCréations artistic director Halim Bensaïd, Stockholm art’s director Mårten Castenfors and Familjebostäders CEO Anette Sand. Ribbon trim and trumpet fanfares.

About the project
On some summer weeks, the white gable wall of Brunskogsbacken 40 turned into a 100 square meter painting. Inspired by stories of the tenants has the French artist cooperative CitéCréation created a postcard from Farsta Strand.

The goal is that the mural shall create identity and recognition. The design is based on what tenants have told us about the area and why they like it here. The wall tells the story of the tenants and the painting becomes like a postcard from Farsta Strand.

The picture shows the lake Magelungen with its rich birdlife. Tenants have also told about crayfish, rowboat, football team and the good Farsta Strand toast. The artists have also been inspired by the color red and the carpenter’s joy found in the area’s old wooden house.

The project is a unique collaboration between Family Residences with tenants, Stockholm art and French artist cooperative CitéCréation which since 1978 has painted some 650 monumental frescoes in several countries and continents. The wall in Farsta Strand is their first mission in Sweden.
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