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By on October 5, 2015

Sodertalje Opera performing Verdi’s rarely performed opera Attila, led by Giovanni Impellizzeri. Sodertalje Opera’s hallmark is to offer operas that are not so well-known and not played so often.

Attila is one of Verdi’s earlier operas and bel canto shape is reminiscent of Bellini and Donizetti. It was written in 1846 as a contribution to the struggle for a united Italy. The music reflects the raw power of Attila and his Huns, but also the strength that can be born of a people who are threatened with destruction.

“To express this music is to unleash the power of a wildly, irritated lion.”
Plot in brief: Huns chief Attila invaded Italy and Aquileia. On a large square, he celebrates his victory with his men and call upon Odin. Odabella is the daughter of the ruler of Aquileia, who Attila killed. Together with a group of warlike women she makes a deep impression on Attila. He gives her his sword, and to herself she swears to avenge her father’s death. The Roman commander Ezio urges Attila to take the whole universe, if he only leaves Italy to him. Attila fob this

Giovanni’s thoughts about the opera:

With the Attila opens the bridge from Bel canto leading to a new romance. The dream realized in 1861 with Italy’s unification, and my own dream realized when Sodertalje Opera will perform Verdi’s Attila.”

Location: Estrad, Sodertalje

Date and Time: 20 Nov at 19:00 on November 22 at 16:00

Luna box office 08-523030 80
Tourist Office 08-523060 30
Ticket price: SEK 295

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