Local | Troye Sivan to Gröna Lund!

By on July 29, 2016
He was discovered on YouTube and has since been number one on iTunes in 57 countries, listed as one of last year’s most influential teens, hailed by Taylor Swift and a sold out US tour in 27 minutes. On September 9 comes the pop phenomenon Troye Sivan to Gröna Lunds Stora Scen for his only show in Sweden.

The South African-born Australian discovered on YouTube where his videos quickly reached an audience of millions. His personal video diaries and songs have given him a fanbase worldwide.

Mini album “Wild” which was released earlier this fall climbed high on the world charts and was number one on iTunes across 57 countries and 4 December this year, he released his first album “Blue Neighbourhood”. His videos have been seen over 200 million times on YouTube, his music has been played over 60 million times on Spotify and he has more than 11 million followers in his social channels.

Last fall, he went out on his first US tour, which sold out in incredible 27 minutes and he held a successful concert at Debaser Strand on 30 November. On 9 September comes Troye Sivan again to Sweden for an exclusive concert on the Gröna Lund Stora Scen.

Ticket info:

Since Gröna Lund is an amusement park, you can not buy the specific concert tickets. The buying is an entrance or season to Gröna Lund (which applies at any time during the season). Then you must pass our gates to be guaranteed to see the concert.

Date / Time
9/9 20:00

Stora Scen

110 SEK in the entrance (SEK 220 between the hours of 18:00 to 20:30) or 240 SEK for the Green Card which gives free admission to all concerts this season.

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