Treat yourself to a luxurious spa ritual

By on September 16, 2016

Breathe. Relax. Fantasize. Let The Body Shop to take you to a place of peace and tranquility. The unique Spa of the World ™ collection is inspired by the most prestigious beauty rituals from around the world. Is there any better place to be like them and enjoy the ultimate spa experience than at home in your very own bathroom?

Since the relaxation begins with letting your body rest has The Body Shop drawn inspiration from three ancient beauty rituals that allows the mind to relax.

The pleasurable ritual
Spoil yourself and enjoy this luxury spa ritual that cares the body and provides a unique and sublime feel to the skin. The pleasurable ritual consists previously of three products, and is now complemented by two new features:

NOVELTY! Brazilian Cupuacu Scrub-In-Oil (295 SEK)
Cupuacu nuts contain high levels of fatty acids and polyphenols, and it also is the Amazon secret agent for smooth, groomed skin with beautiful luster. As if that were not enough, it is also an indispensable part of the pleasurable ritual. A nutritious heavy oil encloses a thick, textured layers of salt crystals. This combination can be mixed together in such a way that you choose the level of exfoliation that is right for your skin. Whether it is about a light exfoliation or a tougher variant, the result is a wonderfully soft skin with luster, moisture preserved and with a nutty luxurious fragrance.

NOVELTY! Hawaiian Kukui Scented Candle (145 SEK)
Light a Hawaiian Kukui Scented Candle, candle wax that has the canola oil and Shea Butter, and enjoy the sun-drenched scent notes as part of the pleasurable ritual and dream away to paradise.

The refreshing ritual
A spa ritual to get a jump start! Refresh your mind and body with a moisturizing and refreshing ritual. The refreshing ritual consists previously of three products and is now complemented by two new features:
NOVELTY! Atlantic Seaweed Gel Cream (325 SEK)
Along the Atlantic coast, women have long believed in the power of the sea and its minerals and plants as a means to care for the skin. You can not argue against, and why The Body Shop honed the art of taking advantage of the ocean’s gifts to use at home in the bathroom. Round off a long day on the feet with a refreshing ritual for getting new power. The light and refreshing gel cream is infused with seaweed and menthol. It breaks down to water when massaged into the skin and awakens the senses directly. The light humectant refreshes the body and with its wonderful smell of the sea, this is a perfect partner to the Mediterranean Sea Salt Scrub.
NOVELTY! Mediterranean Sea Salt Scented Candle (145 SEK)
Light a Sea Salt Scented Candle, candle wax that has the canola oil and Shea Butter, and enjoy the salty, floral and marine fragrance notes as part of the refreshing ritual.
The relaxing ritual
Take the fast track to the tranquility of a delicate ritual that helps the body and mind to relax. The relaxing ritual consists already of five products and is now complemented by an announcement:
NOVELTY! Japanese camellia Scented Candle (145 SEK)
The gentle and relaxing scent of camellia flower has long been a part of the tranquil Japanese relaxation methods. Light a Japanese Camellia Scented Candle, which has candle wax, and Shea Butter, as a start to the relaxing ritual.
The news in the Spa of the World ™ launched in stores and online on 27 September.
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