Local | Tindersticks to the Southern Theater!

By on October 13, 2015

April 24 Stockholm, Southern Theatre

Life is not always a joy performance. Thank goodness for that. We need the darkness to appreciate the light, and when we find ourselves down there is Tindersticks wizard that hold us by the hand and makes us want to stay a little while longer. Now they are actual with new album coming in January and with a gig at the Southern Theater in Stockholm 24 April.

Suffering has few times sounded as beautiful as it does when Tindersticks blacks give every broken heart their own song, every song is sung as if it’s the last breath leaving the lungs. With the last breath conveyed a feeling familiar to anyone who experienced love.

Dark romance, murder ballads and melancholy is intimately associated with Stuart A. Staples and his brothers in arms. They are walking in the same ragged shoes like Leonard Cohen and pulls on the Scott Walker soiled suit and carries the trappings of style. Blameless and exemplary.

If there is an art to get lightning to strike twice in the same place then the Tindersticks with every album since the self-titled debut in 1993 got a handful of lightning hit the bull‘s eye every time. Now the flash will soon shine up again with The Waiting Room”, their new creations that appear early next year. Of taster “We Are Dreamersto judge, it will be an album to hold on and embraced back by. Because that’s how it usually is with Tindersticks.

Few bands in the world has ever been so well suited to the concert hall as Tindersticks is just for Southern Theatre. Well met.

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