Local | The world’s newspapers and magazines on mobile phones – for free with a library card

By on February 21, 2016

5000 newspapers and magazines, from 100 countries, in 60 languages. Now anyone with a library card at the Stockholm Public Library access to the content in the app Press Reader, and can after their visit to the library download newspapers in 72 hours without limit how many times.

International newspapers and magazines are in demand at libraries. Through this collaboration with Press Reader Stockholm Public Library wants to improve the ability to read the news and texts from all over the world. Among the many titles are all from the world’s leading newspapers, The Washington Post, Le Monde, and Asharq AlAwsat, the Swedish magazines Research & Progress, Travel and Plaza. In total there are significantly more titles than the library has access to the printed format.

-Stockholm City shall be the city that best exploit digitization opportunities. As a library user in Stockholm, you should be able to take part of stories and information the way you most want whatever it is digital, in print or in another format. 2016 deposed the city extra funds to increase the physical and digital media offerings, says Roger Mogert, cultural and urban construction Vice Mayor for in Stockholm.

How it works: The visitor downloads the app Press Reader, available free on the App Store and Google Play, and sign in to the app via the library network. Then the visitor can freely download newspapers and magazines for 72 hours, even outside the library. Downloads are stored in the app for up to three months. At the next visit to the library it works the same way.

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