The grass is rolled out – time for the premiere

By on September 8, 2016

The grass is rolled out, puppets and dancers have new hair and the best clothes on. Movements and space takes place and mixed with the chirping of birds and the sound of lawnmowers and a car radio. On September 16 is the premiere of the family show Grass – an imaginative collaboration between the Marionette Theatre and Claire Parsons Co.

– Where are we and who is visiting today? A day out on the grass, anything can happen … !, says the choreographer and director Claire Parsons.

Claire Parsons makes poetic dance and performing arts with elements of circus, visual elements and the unexpected for children and young people. She has several audience hits behind her, among others Marmalade (2013), who played over 350 performances in Sweden and internationally since its premiere. 2014 was awarded to Claire Parsons Stockholm’s Culture Prize and the Swedish Theatre Critics dance prize for their work to renew the art of dance for young audiences. This is her first time working with puppets on the stage.

It is very fun to once again have the opportunity to bring together the puppets dance, this time in Claire Parsons production. It is also exciting to mix Marionetteaterns team with Claire’s company. Dance and puppetry has much in common !, says Helena Nilsson, artistic director of the Marionette Theatre.

Marionette Theatre was founded in 1958 and is the oldest children’s theater. Here are intermingled interesting performances and puppet shows with new plays for both adults and children. Marionette has its scene on the third floor of Kulturhuset.

Scene: Marionette Theatre, the Culture City Theatre
Run Time: 40 min. Audience: Family show from 4 years

Participants: Magnus Erenius, Emelie Garmén, Viktor Gyllenberg
Choreography and staging: Claire Parsons
Set design: Anna Nyberg
Composer: Mikael Svanevik
Costume: Bitte Palm
Mask: Gunilla Pettersson
Light: Olof Carlsson
Dolls: Kay Tinbäck Du Rées
Puppetry Instruction: Helena Nilsson

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