Local | The energy and imagination, the only limits in Happy Tammsvik new outdoor gym

By on August 18, 2016

A good laugh extends the life and so does exercise. At Happy Tammsvik unite creativity and joy with physical and business challenges. In the days became a new outdoor fitness ready.

It is at Happy Tammsvik it happens. By breaking creative ground in a strict costumed industry they have given the meeting guests entirely new opportunities to find solutions to their challenges, strengthen the group and increase profitability. The market is evident in its response, the booking pressure increases and conference guests returns.

Our most important task now is to ensure that our guests come here many more times and that those who have not yet discovered us do it. A fundamental part is to listen to our guests’ wishes and not to put proposals on a pile but instead select the best ideas right away and go from thought to action, says hotel manager Ulrika Bergström.

A constant desire has been to be able to train outdoors and in the days was a new outdoor gym ready. Looking ahead, all meeting guests who feel compelled to do deadlifts, go horizontal bars, challenge the sense of balance, overturning tractor tires and much, much more. Tools and resources are available, its only the energy and imagination that sets the limits.

We have noticed that our guests appreciate the free activities that do not need to be pre-booked but can occur spontaneously before, during or after a meeting. Outdoor gym will be a perfect complement to the range available today, including a swimming pool, sauna, beach volleyball and our popular military obstacle course, says Ulrika Bergström.

Outdoor gym is part of the Happy Tammsvik ongoing wellness initiative. Previously, among other things, reduced the white refined sugar in cakes and desserts and updated menus with more green and healthy options.

We do not just provide the conditions for enjoyable meetings but also for happier and healthier conference guests who enjoy life and feel good for real, says Ulrika.
A good laugh extends the life, it is a proven truth, but it does not hurt to also give the body a little care in the meantime.

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