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By on May 19, 2016

Now it’s less than two weeks left until Geek Girl Meetup IF’s nationwide event weekend May 28 to 29, conducted in cooperation with the Technical Museum in Stockholm. The conference brings together speakers like economist Anna Felländer, A Million Minds-founder Madeleine Opira and robot developer Nerea de la Riva Iriepa to inspire more women to help themselves in male-dominated fields like engineering, IT and startups.

Geek Girl Meetup Nonprofit Association works to help women in male-dominated fields like engineering, IT and startups, and nationwide event is the highlight of the year. This year’s theme is Better togetHer – inspired by all the brilliant women who create innovations and projects in social entrepreneurship, startups kicks off and show the world that nothing is impossible when everyone helps. During two days gather the geeks who define themselves as women in the Technical Museum, where both known and unknown speakers will share their knowledge in workshops and sessions.

A selection of this year’s speakers are:

Anna Felländer, former chief economist at Swedbank, which among other things introduced the concept Diginomics – about new economic forces that alter the economy and society, and came up with a report in the autumn on the new sharing economy, Sharing Economy. Anna has a background in the Ministry of Finance and is today one of our most visible profiles in the economic debate.

Johanna Davidsson, adventurers whose next expedition will be to ski alone 1300 km for two months – at the South Pole. If the importance of having a team behind you, even when it comes to solo performances.

Torill Kornfeldt, science journalist and expert on biohacking. What happens when genetic engineering becomes available to everyone?

Nerea de la Riva Iriepa, developers of hardware and teachers in robotics who will talk about how we can get more girls interested in technology.

Natassia Fry & Pegah Afsharian, founder of Buddy Sweden – The organization that creates connections between new and established Swedes.

Malin Cronqvist, who at 22 years of age started Help To help, a way through crowdfunding to finance programs in Tanzania.

Madeleine Opira, founder of A Million Minds, a think tank that works to change the image of a million applications and unlock the potential that is there.

The conference is open to all who identify themselves as women. Saturday, May 28 concludes with a party in Spotify’s premises, where everyone, regardless of membership status or gender, are welcome.

More information about the speakers and the rest of the program is on www.bettertogether.se
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