Local | Tame Impala to Sweden

By on October 4, 2015

Hypnotic, melodic and magical in a rousing mix. The album in question sensation Tame Impala has gone from the basement gigs to a festival headliner of the rankings in just a few years. With the last album Currents an irresistible marriage of psychedelia and electronic pop the band has once again become the name on everybody’s lips. On February 5, they return to Stockholm for its biggest gig in Sweden so far at the Annex.

Tame Impala was formed from a bunch of other bands in Perth, Australia back in 2007 and today consists of the charismatic Kevin Parker, Cam Avery, Julien Barbagello, Dominic Sniper and Jay Watson. The band debuted with the self-titled EP in 2008 and the breakthrough came two years later with the debut album Inner Speaker who made the world became aware of psych pop art international production. After touring around the world Kevin Parker was soon back in the studio, and the result was the band’s big break Lonerism. A wider sound, a unique and joyful songwriting and singles like Elephant and “Feels Like We’re Only Going Backwardsbrought the band to new heights.

When Tame Impala finally released their third album Currents in July, it was a much needed injection of energy in the music world that went straight into the charts, and further evidence of Parker’s growing talent. Fuzz guitars have been replaced by synths and the rock has given way to a new sound, more electronic and danceable but just as much Tame Impala. Tame Impala might be Kevin Parker’s solo project in the studio but live the band is transformed  into a magnetic quintet and the band have spent the summer on the festival stages around the world.

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