Local | Syster Sol at Gröna Lund!

By on July 10, 2016

Sweden’s uncrowned reggae queen returns to Lilla Scen for a gig full of rhythms, energy and heat. On July 18, we say welcome to the Sister Sol!

Sister Sol, whose real name is Isabel Sandblom, began writing songs as early as 11 years of age where music was an escape from a chaotic upbringing. She was saved by early reggae culture and helped start the band Livelihood. When the band dissolved, she took on a solo career, she also devoted to collective Femtastic with female, urban cultural practitioners and help young talents.

In the spring she had the hit “Kontakttogether with Kaliffa, and 18 July, she comes to Grönan for a gig at Lilla Scen.

Date / Time
18/7 20:00

Lilla Scen

110 SEK in the entrance or 240 SEK for the Green Card which gives free admission to all concerts this season.

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