Local | Sweden premiere of the internationally acclaimed play

By on May 31, 2016

Fly me to the moon, created by the multi-award winning and internationally celebrated playwright Marie Jones now gets Sweden premiere in the fall at the Boulevard Theatre. A father of two friends, a dead man’s money, and the dream of a better life. The actors Lotta Östlin Stenhäll and Sofia Rönnegård create together with director Daniel Goldmann a sweaty nail-biter with lots of laughs and a lot of seriousness in the story of Loretta and Francis as a day at work in home care suddenly faced with a moral crossroads.

Loretta and Francis live in Belfast and work in home care. They wash and dry oldies of 6 pounds per hour, while they read in the newspapers about how society’s peaks tampers to itself big money.
When 84-year-old Davy die on the toilet during their workouts, they are suddenly faced with the temptation to sneak for themselves, his pension payment before they report the death.
It will mark the start to a crazy carousel where the actions as well as the risks become higher and higher every minute.
The show premiered September 24, 2016, and play in October, November, December at the Boulevard Theatre.
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