Local | Superheroes in place during the Knatte Race

By on May 30, 2016
Knatte race is the fun running race for all children 2-12 years, where every child wins gold! But Knatte race is so much more than running. Knatte race is an action-packed family day besides running, holds so much more like super heroes Batman, Spiderman, Superman and Anna and Elsa from Frost is on site all day.

Besides The Incredibles will Gladiator Armour to be in place to challenge the children in Gladiator Duel branch and there will also be a lot of fun activities and contests will be on the Knatte Race Day.

Linda Forsström arranged Knatte race for the first time in 2013 and since then has grown Knatte race. In 2016 organized the race for the fourth time, and is more than ten times larger than in 2013. Her vision is huge: to create the world’s healthiest and most active country.

– Sport is almost always only positive and creates both Community and joy. The goal of Knatte race is to get children into sport and to give them experience how fun it is with sports and movement, says Linda Forsström founder and project manager of Knatte race.

For the year, there is space for 1200 Knatte stars. To register for this year’s funniest children’s race click on the link: Knatteloppet anmälan
In the notification includes a starter kit that includes a t-shirt with Knatte Race log on, and that is the competition sweater children shall run in. At goal, all children receive a gold medal and a surprise.
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