Local | Sune leaves the world of film and becomes theater

By on October 22, 2015

On November 27 it is Sweden premiere at Annexet in Stockholm for Chaos in the Friday cosiness an entertaining family show where we follow the family Andersson’s disastrous attempt to a quiet evening at home. Writers duo Soren Olsson, Anders Jacobsson invites with director Morgan Alling into many laughs. The show has nothing but famous faces and we must look again at Morgan Alling as the role of Sune’s distraught father Rudolf.

Over the past years, we have been able to follow the family Andersson’s spectacular journeys through the most critically acclaimed films Sune in Greece, Sune at road trip and Sune in the mountains. Now the wacky family changing arena.

Rudolf is a very fun character to play. To get to do it live on stage feels extra great, says Morgan Alling.

Over 12 performances, we visit the families somewhat failed attempt at a quiet evening on the couch. We are given as usual on the confusion, acrobatics and misunderstandings – all carefully controlled by Sweden’s miserly father, Rudolf Andersson (Morgan Alling). The only question is whether Rudolph really got unexpected visit or if he accidentally renting out their house to strangers?

In the main role of Sune we find William Ringström who played the same role in the recent films about the charmer and his family.

Chaos in the Friday cosiness premiere at Annexet November 27, 2015

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