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By on May 14, 2016
A humorous show with experiences from morning to a celebration event. In two acts, we get through instrumental to the speaking word ushered into the kitchen platform – the heart of the home, gathering, security and dreams. Anything can happen in the kitchen …. Skråme always starts from own material in terms of musical arrangements, lyrics and scripts.

Text, directing, music -Sofie Carlson
Musical arrangement / music – Erik Nordenbäck
Choreography / Dance – Emma Hintze
Film Editing – Platin Carlson
Photo / Film – Platin Carlson

Other participants:

Oboe – Erik Nordenbäck,
Ukulele – Carin Henriksson, Monica Rönnlund
Guitar – Tore Larby
Base -Kjell Rönnlund
Percussion -Adéle Carlson
Song – Johanna Hintze

For tickets: www.olympiateatern.se or at the entrance

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