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By on May 25, 2016
Exhibition period: June 9, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Opening of the exhibition: June 9, at 17:30, Lena From, Project Manager at National Public and Christer Falk, director of the museum in Stockholm County Museum. We offer street music entertainment, drinks and snacks.

For the first time shows the sketches to the artworks in the future metro stations in the exhibition “Subway Art: While you wait“. After a race has 15 artists selected to design the 12 new stations. In the exhibition we are also historical examples from the art collection in the subway. The two parts together provide a good picture of how the underground art has evolved over 60 years. The exhibition also contains information about the metro’s expansion.
Stockholm subway is often marketed as “the world’s longest art exhibition” in which more than 150 artists behind the artistic design. When the subway is now being expanded with ten new stations, is the art once again in focus. Stockholm County Council management for extended metros (FUT), which is responsible for the project, wants to continue the tradition. The aim is to give the stations individual expressions with “performance related qualities that make a memorable environment for temporary visitors and interesting staying in for frequent travelers.”
Subway art’s historical developmentfrom the first works of art at the central station to the blue line full portrayed station environmentsmirrors society and how its relationship to art has changed over the last 60 years. Now another annual ring is added to the Metro system, the question is: What role has the art in today’s society and what is the future of public rooms like?
The procurement of the metro’s new art has been implemented as a race in two stages. Through an open call for professional artists were selected 30 artists selected to submit sketches. The submitted outline proposals were then assessed by a jury finally chose 15 of the artists to work together with the current architectural further develop the sketch towards a specific station. The hope with selection
process was that, as early as possible in the artistic involvement in the planning and becoming an integral part of the design of the new station rooms. As a basis for the sketches were based artists from a typstation which consisted of overall planning, general engineering solutions and spatial planning.
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