Local | Students exhibiting interpretations of the exhibition Denise Grünstein at the Photo Fair

By on November 6, 2015
With the National Museum’s collections and exhibitions it is possible to work with art in school at many different ways and in different subjects. Second-year students from Xenter / Tumba gymnasium aesthetic program worked last spring with a photo project relating to the exhibition Denise Grünstein. The images are displayed on the Photo Fair in Stockholm this weekend.
During a few weeks in March and April photo students moved from Xenter / Tumba gymnasium aesthetic program in at National Museum at Fine Arts Academy. The aim was that as part of the course Digital creative work around Denise Grünstein photography and image suite 1866 which was shown at the museum at the same time. The students got to use the environment, the rooms well as open and public spaces at the Art Academy in order to design their own images and ideas. The pictures are now displayed at the Photo Fairs on 6-8 November.
The students who participated were Frida Avelin, Alexsandra Eriksson, Sandra Eriksson, Näva Gunnarsson, Moa Gustavsson, Olivia Hörvallius, Johanna Jönsson, Michaela Lövholm, Micaela Norbell, Angelica Nygren, Ronja Paananen, Moa Robertsson, Ellen Sjö, Emma Surell, Julia Trasér and Jenny Wallas. The project was led by Helena Sjödin Landon from the National Museum and Per Mannberg from Xenter.
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