Local | Strömterrassen opens for the season with a new clubbing on Saturday, May 21

By on May 12, 2016
Saturday, May 21 we kick start the third summer on the Strömterrassen! Upstairs, at the Opera House’s south side, with a view that spans over Skeppsholmen, Gamla Stan and Södermalm offers Strömterrassen one of the city’s finest terrace hanging. Here are intermingled our barbecue chefs with a summer Stockholm’s longest bars and a sound system adapted for late, warm nights that should never end. Musically folds Strömterrassen Fridays to summery r’n’b and hip hop and Saturdays to various forms of uplifting house and disco.
This year’s evening activities presented by Tom Pyl, with many years as Music Director at bars and nightclubs in Stockholm. On this side of the millennium, he has left his mark in places like Berns, Gubbrummet at Spy Bar, Humlan and Kåken. And spread his gospel music as a DJ all over town. To help, he has Elsa Ekman starting a cruel party on Fridays and Pierre RonGert Camilo that bosses over saturday club Signal. This is our team and our fantastic summer clubs:

This season’s best outdoor club kicks off with us at Strömterrassen on Friday 27 May! Every Friday inviting your hosts Myggan and Elsa Ekman to the city’s best views. Experienced resident DJ duo Tony Zoulias and Taro’s behind the turntables with the heaviest of classic and brand new hip-hop, R & B, dancehall and other goodies. Tony Zoulias is one of the hardest working DJs with years of exemplary mixande behind. DJ Taro is heard frequently in P3s Music Guide and also runs the record label home team, where among others Ison & Fille hold to. We are very happy to have these guys with us this summer!


Saturdays the monthly Club that housed at various locations in Stockholm and most recently at the Little hotel bar on Folkungagatan. Resident Erna Nikki Pryke and Sussi Zällh has musically focused on a broad definition of dance music: from discofierade gadgets to the house, UK garage and softer techno. Besides playing themselves they have invited guest DJs like Alland Byallo (DE), Johanna Knutsson (DE), Mount Liberation Unlimited and Omar Santis. During the summer will Nikki and Sussi play on Strömterrassen every saturday starting May 28. With them they take their Saturdays-influenced sound, and maybe an occasional guest DJ.


From Stockholms sea of clubs rises Signal. On Saturday 21 May sees a club initiative that focuses on alternative disco and electronic nostalgia. The Club will be attended out of several of the country’s greatest abilities in the genre. Our residents Pedrodollar (Studio Barnhus), Your Highness (Rollerboys ), Julian Wareing (Lighthouse) and RNGRT inviting some of northern Europe’s best DJs of the late nights of house music from around the world.

Petter Nordkvist / Pedrobollar is one of the founders of Studio Barnhus and hardly needs any introduction. Petter has played on Turn Mills, Fabric and Phonox in London, Panorama Bar in Berlin and at Under bron in Stockholm.

Johannes Wikstrom / Yourhighness has for years been playing records and produced under pseudonyms YSS and Utracity. Johannes also runs the record company Rollerboys Rec together with Måns Eriksson.

Julian Wareing is a leading figure behind the black club The Lighthouse. With a rare great love for Chicago house and deep disco, Julian has made guest appearances on including Trädgården, F12 and Berns.

RNGRT, also known as Camilo, has several releases in the luggage. He is current with his new songHarmony Love” and has previously appeared frequently on Berns, F12, Kåken and Slakthuset.

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