Local | Stockholm opens unique, digital children’s library

By on June 1, 2016
Children in Stockholm now gets a new digital library for 6-12 year olds. Bibblix – app for the love of reading, inspiration, and e-book reading – is completely designed for children’s needs, preferences and user behavior. Both bookworms and the smaller reading habits can search by interest, find unexpected tips and read books right from your tablet.

Digital Inspiration libraries are already various kinds, as well as children’s books in digital format. The novelty of Bibblix is that it combines reading inspiration with a large, professional selection of books that can be read free of charge directly into a tablet. In Bibblix books are presented in a way that is tailored just for kids, to meet their need for information to find and read the books that interest them.

-To Children as early as possible get the chance to discover their love of reading and develop their language is a prerequisite for their development. Bibblix is part of our long-term investment in strong, free and modern library, says Roger Mogert (S), culture and urban planning commissioner in Stockholm.

-The Best with Bibblix is that it is produced in cooperation with many children of different ages, with different interests and reading ability. It’s not an app for the parents but for the children, says Katti Hoflin, City Librarian.

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