Local | Stockholm Food Market apple days 14 and 15 October – to determine the species of your apples on Stureplan!

By on October 10, 2015

In mid October, the Stockholm Food market is visited by pomologerna Mats Broqvist and Kajsa Leander. Pomologerna are in place to determine the grade and teach more about apples.

Apples can be divided into three categories. They purchased and planted called general commercial varieties, and there are apples that are a little more special, local apple varieties, often tied to an estate in the neighborhood. Finally, there is torparäpplen, which is most difficult to define and often sown from seeds. This and much more will pomologen Mats Brokvist teach, if he does not succeed in finding your kind of apple chances are that you may name a new variety.
The 14 th and 15 th of October there will be an apple celebration at Stureplan. Anyone who wants to bring at least three apples from the same tree to determine the variety, pomologerna says that you are free to take your apples from the sunny side.
Those who do not want to bring apples but like apples can come and watch when Kajsa mustar apples on Sturehof’s outdoor dining,  you can then enjoy the beverage in our bars, pure as it is, or mixed into a wonderful drink. Kajsa from Berga Mill will also make an apple exhibition in Stockholm’s food market with more than 100 different apples.
Kajsa are recovering orchards at Berga Mill and cultivates a mix of modern apple varieties developed for organic farming, as well as old Småland apple varieties that will be used to modern drinks. Thereby she is keeping the varieties alive, preserving a cultural heritage and give back to the district. Stockholm Food Market is now proud and happy that she makes a visit to Stureplan and brings her knowledge and disseminate it to all curious.
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