Local | Stockholm gets a new annual Astrid Lindgren tradition!

By on May 11, 2016
Skansen and Astrid Lindgren has proved to be an unbeatable combination. Skansen is Sweden’s most popular destinations and Astrid Lindgren, the most popular Swedish author both nationally and internationally. After three years of joint arrangements, it is now decided for a long-term cooperation and to introduce a new annual Stockholm Tradition.
Both Skansen and Astrid Lindgren associated with a rich and open Swedish heritage, says Olle Nyman, CEO at Saltkråkan AB, the family company that manages the Astrid Lindgren’s rights. Astrid Lindgren has meant a lot to convey knowledge about the Swedish society that no longer exist, while she was extremely modern, unsentimental and forward-looking. I feel that the same approach is at Skansen.
The new Stockholm Tradition will be held every year around May 20. Last year attracted Pippi Longstocking’s 70th birthday party just over 16 700 visitors. This year the focus is not only on Pippi, but also on other characters in Astrid Lindgren’s fairy tale world as Emil i Lönneberga and Ronja Rövardotter.
– We are extremely honored that Skansen will be the place where Astrid Lindgren’s characters and stories meet all our guests, large and small, both this year and next year, says Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr. Astrid Lindgren’s stories are always topical and for us who devote much of our time to convey stories about the history and life in Sweden, it is very inspiring that we may have access to Astrid’s wonderful works. Along with Saltkråkan, Rabén & Sjogren and Astrid Lindgren’s World, we provide our core visitors – children and their parents or grandparents – a whole weekend with wonderfully content which feels fantastic.

With as organizers of the new tradition is also Astrid Lindgren’s World and Astrid Lindgren’s publishing house Rabén & Sjogren.

– This is a long and exciting partnership that we are very happy about, says Joacim Johansson, CEO of Astrid Lindgren’s World. The recent visit to Skansen with our characters have really given a taste for more. It therefore feels great to continue to offer the opportunity for Stockholm audience to be able to meet Pippi and her friends at Skansen.
This year’s event takes place at Skansen on 21-22 May, at. 10-17. During the days is shown Pippi performances of Astrid Lindgren’s World Theatre Ensemble on Solliden stage, singing with Prussiluskan accompanied by Kling and Klang on Tingvall stage, not-touch-the-ground-path, carving wooden figures à la Emil i Lönneberga, games of yesteryear, farmers’ markets, scavenger hunt, Ronja Rövardotters nature trail and much, much more.
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