Local | STHLM Debut lights stars – this is the year’s selected projects

By on May 8, 2016

At recent Guldbaggegalan both of the STHLM Debut films that had cinema premiere during the year were rewarded with prizes, Förvaret and Tjuvheder. It clearly shows the importance of the program STHLM Debut has for the film in Sweden. Now it is clear which five projects have been selected for this year’s round.

This year’s Guldbaggegala ended in success for the two STHLM Debut films that had cinema release in 2015, and qualified to be nominated. Förvaret of Anna Persson and Shaon Chakraborty was named best documentary and Tjuvheder of Peter Grönlund took home all five rams, including Best Actress (Malin Levanon) and Best Screenplay (Peter Grönlund).

Now five new film projects is selected for STHLM Debuts fifth round:
BRÄNDER by Jerry Carlsson. Producer: Anette Sidor.
DRÖM VIDARE by Rojda Sekersöz. Producers: Agneta Fagerström Olsson and Annika Hellström.
SULIE by Ahmed Abdullahi. Producer: Isabella Rodriguez and Mathilde Dedye.
SYSTERLAND by Anna Zackrisson. Producer: Frida Bargo.
TRAFIKLJUSEN BLIR BLÅ IMORGON by Ragnhild Ekner. Producers: Tobias Janson, Marta Dauliute and Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall.

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