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By on August 12, 2016

For the first time organizes Handicraft Stockholm along with Skansen a contest of spinning wool. The competition, which is divided into two classes, one in the distaff and one in spinning wheel, , takes place in Bragehallen at Skansen. Contestants come from both Stockholm and from other parts of Sweden where the youngest participant is 22 years old and the oldest around the 70th.

It has become fashionable to spin. Today, we seek more active a deeper understanding of how our natural material is produced and what they consist of. As a counterbalance to the increasingly digitized society, we now see an increased trend towards working with your hands. We want to be part in context in which nature has a natural place where the understanding of the environment and sustainability is central.

Why compete in spinning wool? According to Charlotte Hellsten Husman, that is the county handcraft consultant in textile at Handicraft Stockholm, there is clearly an increased interest in making the wire itself.

Many people who knit are looking for new yarns and thread to make from scratch, but even those who weaves are interested in spinning. It will be a better understanding and feel for the whole process if you get knowledge about how to make a yarn. A competition is increasing interest in spinning by hand. We hope that the contest to become a regular event that makes more people become interested in spinning wool.

Is it possible to compete in spinning wool?

Absolutely, says Charlotte. It weighs and measures and from there get up the fineness of the yarn, that is, how many meters of wire as 1 kg yarn made of. This applies to spin a yarn as far as possible. The tighter the yarn is spun, the more resistant it becomes.

The jury assesses the competitor’s score consists of three persons belonging to those skilled in the country in the subject. At the same time as the competition attracts skilled spinners to participate, it is an entertaining contest before an audience.

– Today it is important that we pass the knowledge on how to spin a thread and that we see locally produced wool as an important asset. Instead of throwing Swedish wool it is possible to make many new products of it, says Charlotte.

– At Skansen, we think it is important to preserve old crafts that survives by being practiced and passed on from generation to generation, says Eva Sundström, head of Skansen’s dressing room. Skansen is their cultural environments and educators in period costumes of traditional materials, a place where our guests can take advantage of such knowledge in an inspiring and captivating way.

Each year Skansen organize the event Lin and wool, this year on 20-23 August. The contest Spin wheel out! is a new addition which takes place on 21 August, starting at 12 and rounding at 15 after the awards to the winners. Hostess for Spin wheel out! is county handicraft consultant Charlotte Hellsten Husman and the head of Skansen’s dressing room Eva Sundström.

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